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Dennis Horgan is an aerial photographer based in West Cork, Ireland. As well as taking countless aerial photos of his native Cork and the wider Irish countryside, he has also taken his talents abroad to Europe and the US. He has published a number of books including Cork from the Air, Cork – the View from Above and Dublin – the View from Above. Dennis’s latest book, Cork from the Air can be purchased online here >>


New book – Cork from the Air

Cork from the Air by Dennis Horgan

Dennis Horgan is an aerial photographer with a unique perspective on Cork, taking us away from ground level and into the skies to give a bird’s-eye view of Ireland’s largest county and its vibrant historic rural and urban topography. In this stunning collection of aerial photographs he captures landscapes, heritage sites, architecture, agricultural patterns and events right across the length and breadth of Cork city and county.

Flying in a Cessna 172 light aircraft, his images give us a wonderful insight into Cork, its natural and built diversity and the interaction of its inhabitants with the areas they live in.

About Dennis

Aerial Photographer Dennis Horgan has undertaken photographic assignments throughout Ireland and beyond. He provides a wide range of aerial imagery for Industry, Estate Agents, Architects, Hotel, Tourism Leisure and Sports Facilities, using helicopters or fixed wing aircraft.

Dennis Horgan Aerial Photography

82 South Mall, Cork, Ireland T12 E3TT
Tel: 086 826 5533 • Email: dennis.horgan@gmail.com

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